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Advanced Business Communication Solutions


You may need have the talents in your team and reliable business partners supporting your business but without good communication, all of them will end up in vain. Good and effective communication between business lines and with business partners is the key to optimum business operation. In this era when information technology rules, your business needs the best communication system that meets the current challenges.

Alcatel Telephone System is among the leading names in telephone based communication system. In this era of digital technology and internet based communication, Alcatel has been evolving to meet the current and future challenges. For years, Alcatel has been a highly respected brand for PBX and PABX telephony system installed at many business facilities all over the world. Today, Alcatel embraces the internet based communication with more advanced business communication system. Alcatel system is more than just PBX or PABX network but it is designed and built to integrate telephony voice call and conferencing call more advanced communications including data network, video conferencing, unified communications, and many more.

Alcatel is offering complete product ranges for business communication solutions including lines of PABX devices and systems with easy installation, easy set up, and user friendly interface. Its product ranges are also including Alcatel Network Switches designed to fit with your business operation specific needs. Here in Dubai, VDS is proud to become the preferred distributor for Alcatel business network and communication solutions, ready to provide the best solutions for the thriving business environment in Middle East and surrounding regions.

VDS is committed to deliver best solutions to its clients. More than just supplier and installer of business network communication solution, this company is committed to assist its clients with the right system and products that comply with their business operation needs and feasible in term of budget.


Cloning Your First App Using App Cloner

If you are looking for a way to clone your Android apps then you might find this article interesting. In this post, we’re going to show you how guys you can easily clone an Android app using an app called App Cloner.

Do you want to use multiple social accounts, or do you want to play the same games with a friend on the same phone? Maybe you want to separate work and home social networks? Quite often, users experience these situations where it is simply necessary to have two identical programs on a smartphone. And creating a copy will help, but not everyone knows how to clone an application on Android correctly and quickly.

If you don’t have a built-in function on your phone to clone Android apps, then there is only one way out – to resort to the help of specialized applications. There are many effective app cloning utilities on Google Play, however, we’ll only talk about the highest quality and most convenient ones. In our opinion, App Cloner Premium is the most advanced app cloning app.

There are situations when Android smartphone users need to make a copy of a particular application so that it will be installed in two copies. In situations like these, App Cloner is quite useful for using multiple social network accounts at the same time and calling a program or game with different settings.

Cloning Your First App Using App Cloner

Using App Cloner is super simple: we just have to activate the function and select which applications should be closed. They appear on the phone launcher screen as two independent copies. For other versions of Android and proprietary shells, you can also install application clones. To use the same application on an Android smartphone at the same time, you must install the premium version of the App Cloner application on Google Play. By the way, there are many similar programs, but most, unlike the others, requires root privileges.

To start the app cloning process, simply start App Cloner app by tapping on it and find the game or program you want from the list. The tool automatically scans the system and reports which features may not be available on the clone. Restrictions typically apply to the use of Google services. Unfortunately, this is a serious limitation, therefore, you can not do anything about that. But to get rid of some of these restrictions you can purchase the premium version of App Cloner APK.