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How to make a successful content marketing campaign

Content marketing is a branch of SEO, it is a group of tactics and strategies that leads to connect your audience into a piece of story or post that entertains and educates them , all of this while focusing on the final ending goal that you made the campaign for it.

The most two important questions you need to answer to make sure your marketing plan is ready are “ what is my goal from this content marketing campaign ?” and “what are the audience goals ?” and after answering them your campaign will be 70% ready.
My Campaign Goals

That is the first basic question , in fact you can’t begin your Campaign aimless and don’t have any vision , you need to know exactly what is your target , is it to increase your followers and subscribers, or to get more Engaged clients on your site , or even make people subscribe to your weekly newsletter , or you just want to get higher SEO rankings by an SEO company to appear more on SERPs , you need to figure out what you want and focus on it , to start having an upcoming successful content marketing campaign.
Audience Goals

The Second question and it is the harder one , not very much but it involves your audience inner thoughts , you need to know which content can attract them , which one will benefit from it , and you need to know too the type of your audience and their ages to know exactly what type of content they follow most of the time , entertainment content or educational one , also the most important thing is knowing their likes and dislikes , their top searching keywords and what the most used social media from everyone.

You need to know all of the available and Hard-to-find information about your audience, to make sure you can reach them in more than one way, to make sure that your campaign is moving forward and in the right direction.
Suitable type of Content

After knowing the answer of these two essential questions, we need to apply our work on reality , so we need to really know what kind of content the people prefer according to the “Goals” that was mentioned before , from these types :

Pictures & photos :

It works best with short content to describe something without being written , and that makes reading very fast and easy and most of the time this type of content used for young people and entertainment blogs

Briefly Written content:

Short content is most of the time better than long one , as you can describe a big thing with only three word as Car and mobile advertising phrases.

Short Motion Graphic videos :

This type is a new one and the most effective content now in this decade , making short informative videos now is more popular than before and really adored by the audience and they prefer videos of that type and most sites that has 5 seconds videos like this have the most traffic nowadays and many other countless types , but these are the popular ones.
Triggered you campaign

Now you are 95% ready to do a simple content marketing campaign, you have known the basics and the rest of the 5% is just SEO rules and tactics that need some practise to be good at it, and remember you need to workout your brain and everything will be easy.

Some great benefits of Having a job in Electronic digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing and advertising services are getting to be hype today. Everyone desires to grow in the field of digital marketing and advertising or desires to have these kinds of services regarding his/her individual websites. Everybody, every brand desires to explore the energy of the net by improving their on the web presence. Improved pay, bigger budgets plus more options inside career are a number of the big rewards for electronic digital marketing professionals plus it will carry on increasing inside the coming decades.

Having questions about what direction to go next whether to improve your job direction or perhaps study more inside the digital marketing and advertising field? Here are usually few great things about digital marketing which you may know initial before taking your following step. Take a glance.

Become a great In-Demand Specialist

You will need to have heard with the digital talent gap. In accordance with a questionnaire, 150, 000 careers are predicted in the field of digital marketing and advertising by 2020 but you will have not adequate professionals to be able to fill people jobs. This may come being a plus point for anyone studying electronic digital marketing. Those specialists having this original competitive edge over others could have more vivid future since demand can be more compared to the supply. In the course of recession period of time usually, graduates confront job deficiency, the world packed with uncertainty and also always sense terrible concerning them. Hence the time has come in which you’ll want to learn a fresh skill, which usually guarantees any future-proof job. Digital marketing and advertising services not merely increase your task security but in addition allow you to enhance your career progression. Digital marketing and advertising company inside Janakpuri can always will need your beneficial skills it doesn’t matter what, even when it’s any recession period of time. By re-establishing the confidence and also taking control of one’s career it’s time and energy to go electronic digital. We is able to see 38% boost in electronic digital marketing professionals from the end with this year thus don’t drop your possiblity to grab this kind of wonderful possibility.

Benefit coming from more Job Choice

World’s major giants just like LinkedIn, Yahoo and Twitting have their particular headquarters inside Dublin, hence providing plenty of job opportunities in the field of digital marketing to pick from. Rarely goes weekly without possessing any headline for career requirements inside national brand names or multinational companies. With having many fresh options, digital specialists can go for whichever company they wish to work regarding. Take good thing about this treasured opportunity and also excel in the field of digital marketing and advertising.

Get paid greater than your colleagues

According to be able to economics, whenever there exists a gap among supply and also demand, the purchase price either tumble or boost. As when it comes to digital marketing we realize the demand can be more compared to the supply, hence electronic digital marketing specialists will constantly earn greater than their colleagues. Due to not enough digital expertise among the peers, it is possible to negotiate the salary consequently. The rate of growth is getting faster, as electronic digital awareness will be increasing inside people everyday, which contributes to increase inside the ratio regarding digital marketing and advertising professional simply by many folds up.

You can easily kick-start your own personal career

Inside modern day’s job, you must wait for your coveted masteral placement or perhaps internships to start as inside advertising field to generate our portfolio also to gain knowledge. But in the digital marketing and advertising, you can easily kick start your career without looking forward to some advertising to start with n variety of conditions and also for hardly any days. In order to to be noticeable as any potential employer is always to increase the digital reputation. By making use of unique and strategies try to be able to stand out from the crowd. Carry out self-branding or perhaps personal logos. Increase the twitter, instagram supporters, engage folks, write any blog, distributed knowledge, and have views of men and women on today’s topics. Indulge in other people’s website conversation. Show folks how friendly you might be and become always accessible. Take Yahoo Analytics tests concerning electronic digital marketing companies and services must an SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING company inside Janakpuri. Understand everything concerning digital marketing and advertising, explore fresh thingsBusiness Supervision Articles, do studies while boosting your online reputation. Get electronic digital certified through HubSpot’s inward bound certification exam that may increase the portfolio and also showcase your information about digital marketing and advertising. We have observed many folks hired only on such basis as their information about social mass media and where did they react online in the particular scenario. The a lot more the followers you might have the more the probability of yours learning to be a digital influencer.

Cell Phone Safety – How to Be a Responsible Driver


Studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving does increase the risk of a crash, but the amount of increased risk is still difficult to be known. It is agreed, however, that talking on a cell phone while operating a vehicle is a distraction that may impair driving ability, especially teenagers who are sometime easily occupied by other things. The aim of this paper is to present available data concerning the impact that cell phone use has on driving ability and increasing crash risk. In November 1, 2001, the State of New York enacted a law banning all drivers regardless of age from talking on a handheld cell phone while driving the vehicles. The move was later followed by the state of North Carolina, who on December 1, 2006, although the programs were not relatively same in term of who they were trying to reach, began prohibiting use of any cell phone communication device by drivers younger than 18 years old.

These studies were done to reduce risks to teenagers drivers and people of all ages by reducing highway deaths and injuries, reducing higher crash risk for teenagers due to their greater difficulty handling distractions and their high use rates of cell phone and other communication devices and to add restriction on graduated driver’s license along with the expectation that it would be viewed, accepted and enforced in the same way as is the case for the other protective elements of the graduated licensing system. In the North Carolina’s teenager drivers’ cell phone restriction, there were two or more exceptions for teenagers drivers to use cell phones while on public roads. These exceptions include talking to a teenager’s parent or legal guardian or talking to emergency response operator, hospital, physician’s office or health clinic, a private or privately owned ambulance company or service, fire department or law enforcement agency regarding an emergency situation. In New York, the exceptions were limited only to placing an emergency phone call to 911, calling or using a hands-free device, manual dialing or using a handheld phone when the vehicle is stopped.

Goals of the studies

The goal of the studies is to see whether the ban on cell phones use in two states, New York and North Carolina has led to reduction in car related deaths and injuries on public roads.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of these studies is to undertake an evaluation of the longer term effects of New York State’s law on drivers’ handheld cell phone use and the short term effects of a teenage drivers cell phone restriction in the state of North Carolina to determine the impact on all stakeholders and assess the effects on any issues relating to the quality and effectiveness of the cell phones use. The objectives of these studies are to:
• Determine whether cell phone users see the ways in which the states operate as useful, appropriate and effective way to reduce highway related deaths and injuries.
• Determine whether substantial short term declines in drivers’ use of cell phones and other communication devices after a ban, were sustained one or more years later
• Assess the implementation of the program and the extent to which they meet their goals
• Assess the impact of the cell phones use on the cell phone users/ other key stakeholders
• Assess planning and monitoring mechanisms used by each state at its local level


To ensure a comprehensive evaluation design, the qualitative arm of the studies included focus groups, observation surveys to measure the extent to which the new restriction affected teenagers’ cell phone use while driving, telephone interviews by professional telephone interview organizations with the focus to sampled randomly households using a list of households in North Carolina believed to have one or more teenagers ages 16 or 17. Pilot testing with the focus on observing drivers in the morning and pre-law observation which was conducted five months after the law went into effect were also used. In North Carolina observers attempted to gather information on how a cell phone was used, for example, held to ear, visual evidence of dialing, text messaging or game playing or evidence of hands free use. Information on type of phone use was not recorded in New York State. In New York, daytime observations of drivers were conducted at controlled intersections on geographically dispersed, heavily traveled roads in four small to medium sized upstate communities such as Albany, Binghamton, Kingston and the village of Spring Valley. Observations were conducted on Thursday and Friday in seven observation period throughout the day. Approaching vehicles in the closest two lanes were observed by a person positioned at the roadside at or near the intersection. Excluded in the observations process in the New York State were emergency vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks and buses. In state of North Carolina, no particular groups were excluded in the observations process.

The pre-law interviews were conducted on November 2006 in North Carolina with 400 groups of parents and teenagers and post-law interviews on April 2007 with relatively same groups of parents (401). Interview completion rates, those who complete interview with both parents and teenager from the same household, were 72% and 67% in the pre-law and post-law surveys while in New York State (based on December 2001 pre-law and march 2002 post-law surveys combined) use rates by driver characteristics were calculated and differences were judged only if the 95% confidence intervals of the estimated use rates did no overlap. In North Carolina cell phone use rates were similar for males and females while cell phone use rates were higher for drivers younger than 25 than for drivers ages 26-60 in New York. However, the differences were not significant. Five counties were identified in North Carolina for study (Buncombe, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Orange, and Wake County). The counties selected represented the most populous areas in the state and ranged in population from 120,000 to 825,000 each according to U.S. Census Department’s 2007 North Carolina statistics. Within each county, schools were selected for observation based on the sufficiently large number of teenager drivers (approximately 100 or more and the approach roadways and parking configurations at schools that allowed for observation of most teenage drivers when departing. Separate focus groups in both states involving parents, school staff and external stakeholders were held in each state. A total of 27 focus groups were conducted across the North Carolina. All regional line managers of Telephone Interview, a professional organization contracted by state’s mobile phone health program were also involved in individual interviews.

Studies examining the effects of age on crash rates among drivers with limited experience also were not considered. Although these studies have found clear age effects, they failed to address the effects of experience. Similarly excluded were studies examining the effects of experience on crash among drivers of a limited age ranges. These studies demonstrated that 16 and 17 years old beginners had high crash risk because of driving inexperience but did not address the effects of age. Finally, the review excluded three studies of the effects of age and experience on motorcycle crashes because it was not clear the findings could be generalized to other crash types. Motorcycle travel is inherently more hazardous than travel by other types of vehicles, and crash-involved motorcyclists differ from other crash-involved drivers in important respects.

Measurement issues

In terms of variables, the studies were using pre-law observations, drivers’ handheld cell use rate, drivers characteristics, phone us/ nonuse, driver gender, belt use, number and gender of passenger such as all male, all female or mixed and vehicle type, for example, car, SUV, pickup truck or ban. In the state of New York, the measurement was on cell phone use rates by driver gender, age and which type of vehicle. Use rates by driver characteristics were calculated for the pre-law survey (December 2001, March 2002 and March 2003 surveys combined). Differences were judged significant if 95% interval of the estimated use rates did not change. For all survey in New York and North Carolina, cell phone rates were similar for males and females regardless of age. Use rate were higher for drivers younger than 25 than for drivers ages 25 to 59 in New York, but the differences were not significant. Use among drivers ages 60 and older was negligible across all surveys in New York. With regard to which vehicle type, drivers of cars had the lowest use rate, but only the difference between drivers of cars and drivers of SUV was significant in all New York surveys, but remain unknown in the North Carolina surveys.

Data to develop different measures, for example, crash and exposure measures sometimes were collected at different times and or pertained to different time periods. Injury crash rates for drivers licensed 12 months versus 1+ years computed by age and gender. Multiple regression models were also developed. Some relative risks calculations provided for experience effects among younger drivers. Overall positive age effects for males were similar but weaker effect for females. Among novice males, crash rates similar for ages 16 and 17, and 18 but much lower at age 17; among novice females, rates higher at 16 than 17 to 19. Crash risk lower among male or female novice versus experienced drivers for ages 16 to 25. No marked experience effects among older females or males. Since none of these studies has talk about it, in the future we might need to look into the annual miles driven, miles driven during previous year, and miles driven during previous week by drivers regardless of ages to come up with outcomes.


• More drivers, both teenagers in North Carolina and all drivers in New York, stops driving while talking on handheld cell phones due to threat of ticket.
• More cell phone use while driving has resulted in citations being issued to increase public perception that state government is serious about the cell phones use while driving on public roads.
• Increases in hand-free device technologies due to pressure from the state government
• Reduction in number of deaths and injuries sustained by drivers driving while on handheld cell phone in New York and North Carolina
To achieve these outcomes the followings have to happens based on the studies’ conclusions
• Threat of imprisonment- which the two states have not yet adopted
• Parental involvement- which north Carolina state has already adopted
• Parental supervision- none of the states is in position to adopt the strategy
• Law enforcement agencies taking tough stands against those who disobey the laws

Statistical Analysis

Estimates were derived of the proportion of drivers in qualifying vehicles who were using handheld cell phones in New York and of teenagers’ drivers who were talking on handheld cell phones while driving in North Carolina. Ironically, changes in phone use rates between the post-law and pre-law surveys in each state were examined, with 95% confidence interval for relative rates obtained in North Carolina. In New York, rates were compared between the pre-law and post-law and short term post-law surveys with associated 95% confidence intervals. Assuming that patterns cell phone use among teenagers’ drivers in North Carolina would have followed situations observed among drivers in New York, absent North Carolina’s restriction on teenagers’ drivers cell phones use, logic regression analysis made a direct statistical comparison between the changes observed in cell phone use rates in New York relative to the observed change in a teenagers’ drivers cell phones use in North Carolina. The estimated percentage change in use rates in New York relative to those percentage changes in North Carolina based on the ratio of “after” and “before” odds ratios, car type, driver gender and passenger presence were a functions of the model coefficient for the interaction variable. Differences in survey responses between teenagers and their parents were tested for statistical significance using chi-square tests of independence while cell phones use were observed using drivers characteristics observed during the 10 minute observations of passing traffic and applied to the total vehicles counted during the 35 minute cell phone observation periods.

The methods and findings of the two studies are summarized in and grouped according to whether driving exposure was considered in addition to age and years of driving experience. Data were obtained from self-reported driver surveys or from government records such as driver’s license records, police crash reports, or insurance claims files. The lower age limit ranged from 16 to 18, and the upper age limit ranged from 25 to 70 and older. The lower bound for years of driving experience generally was 1 year or less, and the upper bound ranged from 2 years to 38 years or more. The primary measures of exposure were cell phone citations issued during the first 15 months, gender drivers’ ages and the vehicle type (Car, SUVs or van). During the 2006, actually two to eight weeks before the implementation of the cell phones ban, phone use was observed for 6,164 teenage drivers in North Carolina and 1,257 in New York for all drivers. In the beginning of the following year, approximately 5 months after the ban implementation, phone use was observed for 6,401 teenage drivers in North Carolina and 25,694 in New York.

Benefit From Professional Technology Services With IT Outsourcing

Cost reduction and the lack of resources are two major reasons why businesses enlist the services of IT outsourcing companies. Many business owners like you may not have the time, experience, or capital to invest in training staff, procuring expensive equipment, and managing your systems. With the help of outsourcing, you can benefit from the professional technology services provided by an expert IT consulting firm and still have the time and resources to focus on fulfilling your core business objectives.

The constant evolution and the rapid changes that occur in the realm of information technology means that IT-related tasks are best handed over to professionals. Entrusting these responsibilities to experts enables you to access specialized technology that is normally too expensive to maintain in-house. Furthermore, you can keep up with the competition and even dominate the marketplace as you take advantage of the latest and most reliable desktop, server, and network equipment provided to you by an IT outsourcing firm.

Having the fastest and most reliable technology available does not only give you an edge over your competitors, it also gets rid of excessive in-house downtime. Problems with internet connectivity, corrupted data, and unreliable email communications are immediately prevented or resolved with regular maintenance and effective data and backup management. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend so much on recruiting and training mid-level IT personnel, because an IT consulting firm can provide you with certified IT engineers and architects and make sure that all the costs of the IT services that they offer are planned and controlled according to your budget.

Resource Box:

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Top Reasons to Get Super-Fast Broadband

Fibre optic broadband is the most recent advancement in broadband technology. It hasn’t take long for super-fast fibre broadband to become essential for people nowadays. Its use and popularity has risen rapidly and there are several reasons why opting for it is a good decision. Some of the top reasons are outlined below:

Reason 1: You need it for supporting multiple devices

The number of internet-capable gadgets in homes has increased and existing broadband struggles to support them. There are smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, desktops and even TVs and if you use internet on several devices simultaneously, the speed suffers. Hence, super-fast internet is necessary to keep up.

Reason 2: You want to use lots of services

If you don’t have fibre optic broadband, you may be missing out on some bandwidth-intensive services and apps in use nowadays. Streaming video services like Netflix, TV and download services like Apple iTunes, streaming music services like Spotify and other HD content stuff may be difficult or impossible for you.

Reason 3: You are incurring the same cost

The cost of superfast broadband services and regular broadband has become almost similar. The prices of the former are falling rather rapidly as number of fibre optic providers is rising. Therefore, it is best if you make the switch.

Reason 4: You benefit from its reliability

Conventional broadband services have become quite unreliable over time. Their signals are susceptible to interference and the speeds are reduced when the signal travels in copper cables to broadband modems.

A brief history of Personal computers and Memory space

In first, computer memory is made. It has been simple inside its architecture and extremely rough when compared to the computer memory space of nowadays. The moment was the particular 1940s and also 1950s. As sock hops entertained the youngsters of in which generation, the start of personal computers and personal computer memory come about for the usage of businesses and also large organizations. Virtual memory space was nonetheless a fantasy that we hadn’t had to be able to be dreamt as well as the speeds of which the memory must be accessed we hadn’t reached previously mentioned a turtle’s crawl in comparison to today’s specifications.

Logic and also simplified algorithms have been the hot items of the evening and technology brightest superstar. All huge programs, which when comparing today’s plans would still are already tiny, required them so that you can process and also manage a couple of level storage-primary safe-keeping and extra storage.

Next, the subsequent stage regarding technology spurred from your depths of the meager start and electronic memory came to be. The engineering that developed virtual memory space didn’t hold the intent regarding extending major memory, but alternatively of making this kind of extension achievable and not too difficult for programmers to utilize since the initial computers have been outgrown quickly from the working planet. It failed to take long to find out that increasing that of a computer can do would raise the ability regarding business to produce a profit and turn into a family name.

How many jobs the computer can do has been seen initially as constrained. With scientific advancement, in which view swiftly moved to be able to limitless. This shift inside the possibilities regarding computer memory space and inside computers themselves generated a scientific explosion as all facets of each conceivable possibility and chance found their particular way in to the think tanks regarding programmers and also developers purpose on increasing the functionality with the computer.

The 60s saw a lot more development, together with particular strides in electronic memory. The B5000 to enter the market with the newest technology and also was made for business utilize, not private use. Personal usage of computers waited inside the wings, although it wasn’t the authentic intent if the development regarding computers started out.

In 1969, virtual memory space finally graduated from your buggy notion with multiple difficulty with a heavy price attached. IBM explored and proven its useful capabilities, moving electronic memory coming from infancy to be able to toddlerhood without the further delays.

The 1970s observed the development with the minicomputers. These kinds of, of training course, were not necessarily the minicomputers regarding today, but alternatively large compared. Still, we were holding the tiniest computers of these day. The NORD1 failed to do badly in any way in the marketplace. The start of thinking about a laptop or computer became the particular focus with the decade.

Considering that the 70s, there were so several changes with all the way personal computers were employed, how they will store and also hold memory space, and the goal of computers. The overdue 70s and also early 80s observed the personal computer begin the non-public trek because it showed upwards in properties. No longer only for business, these personal computers were not a lot of in their particular ability. The first computers ran just a couple of computer software and failed to have significantly functionality regarding producing the quantity of work necessary for home places of work. By the particular 90s, this flaw could be rectified because the personal personal computer became a standard and normal addition to be able to homes.

From the 2000s, the family computer produced equally as much revenue coming from business, created a fresh method regarding shopping and also balancing funds as their particular business counterparts. Many businesses are now individuals over a home computer working together with the same level of competitive side as organizations who started out the scientific race regarding computerized functions years back. As each and every milestone inside technology provides advanced, thus has personal computer memory. Nowadays, home personal computers use and possess the ability to store huge amounts of details. The reputation of computers will simply increase because the possibilities inside computer memory as well as other technology continually enhances the value and also functionality with the computer.