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Logitech Video Conferencing Kenya


Logitech Kenya offers a series of lines that are excellent on conferencing and other communication types through videos. When it comes to collaborating works by using communication platforms for businesses such as Lync, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber, and Skype, Logitech will deliver the best solution out of it.

Logitech Group Kenya has prepared video conferencing solutions equipped with HD cameras, built-in speakers, and excellent video output that will make a conference room out of any room. All it takes is plug-and-play since each item comes with a USB port. Everyone deserves the best quality of video conferencing and Logitech in Kenya will give that to you.

Logitech Kenya Products

Logitech MEET UP

Logitech MEET UP is the first conference camera that existed in the commercial market. Using this camera allows you to stay in a small room without looking awkward. The cam comes with a super wide-angle lens up to 120 degrees. Also, it comes with an optimized audio setting that makes an excellent room acoustic.

Logitech PTZ PRO 2

When it comes to a life-like video, you need to check Logitech PTZ PRO 2. This product is designed to give the best conferencing experience. It feels like you talk to another person in the same room even though you are a hundred miles away. The cam comes with exceptional visual accuracy, keen photo resolution, and nearly perfect color replication. Also, it is offered with a lower price tag.


This product is specifically designed for those who incorporate Skype Room System for teleconferencing. Through one touch, you can run a meeting from a distance. You don’t need to be an expert IT to get an excellent conference video quality by using Logitech SMART DOCK. This product is available at Logitech Kenya.

Logitech GROUP

Meanwhile, teleconferencing with many people up to 20 people at once, you need to check the Logitech GROUP. It delivers crystal clear audio quality and HD video output. It comes with acoustic reflection cancellation, instinctive controls, and sound depletion technology for easy control to make everyone connect. Feel free to call Logitech Group Kenya to get the best conference solution.

Tips to Get the Best Poly Headset for Your Business


Are you planning to buy Poly Headset Dubai, a product by Plantronics, for your company? A poly headset, especially the one that is made in Dubai, is a very valuable addition for your company. This product has the best features you can get, such as noise cancellation as well as multiple communication modes. In short, it gives you nothing but the best. Now, how can we choose the best poly headset by Plantronics? Here is what you need to do.

Matching It with the Device You Use

There are several types of poly headsets you can get. However, to get the best headset, choose the product that is compatible with the communication device you use. If you plan to use the desk phone only, you can use the standard one-device headset. But, you may need to use a different headset, if you plan to implement an online communication device to your company.

Choosing Corded or Cordless Headset

If your employees that handle the communication move a lot for accessing files or information far from their working desk, use the wireless type. However, if they spend more on the desk, you can choose the corded one.

The Environment

Considering the type of environment where communication will take place is also important. For an open environment, you may need the headset with better noise cancellation features. That way the noise from other areas won’t disturb the communication between your company and clients.


Last but not least, you also need to consider the price of the headset. Some of them are more expensive than others. However, you also need to understand that a headset could be a good investment for your company. So, even though you have to pay more, with the best headset, you will also get the best benefits from it. Now, choose and get your Poly Headset Dubai.

Why You Should Use a Tax Calculator


Filing taxes can be confusing and even scary, and that is why you should use a tax calculator. It will make filing your income tax return so much easier, especially if you’re a beginner at taxes.

About Income Tax

An income tax is a tax on income generated by individuals and businesses. Taxpayers must file an income tax return every year so that they know how much tax they should pay.

Basically, you have money, and the government is asking some of it for the country. Your tax will go into funding public services for the citizens and paying government obligations. However, it is filing taxes that is confusing.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Tax Calculator

This calculator will help you in filing your income tax return. Here are some benefits that you will get from using this service.

●       Less Confusion

Filing an income tax return can be confusing, not only for first-timers but for everyone. There are so many details and questions. This is why the income tax return calculator is here to help you.

The calculator has both a simple and an advanced version to accommodate any possible situation and get an accurate estimation of your income tax. Simply select your filing status and fill in the form accordingly and as accurately as possible. The system will calculate for you.

●       Avoid Late Filing

If you file your return late, you will get a penalty. Even if you cannot pay all your taxes, you should still file a return on time. This is because the penalty for failing to file is usually higher than for failing to pay taxes.

The penalty for filing your return late is about 5 percent of your unpaid taxes per month. On the other hand, the penalty for paying your taxes late is half of 1 percent of your unpaid taxes.

If you cannot pay your taxes on time there are options such as loans or arranging for an installment agreement. So, always make sure you file your return before the due date. To make filing easier, you can use the tax calculator.

Dispensing solutions for small operations


Dispensing is a fundamental function in scientific industries and companies since a premium is placed on exactness. In this setting, a difference in quantity can make a huge difference to the results produced. As such, improving the accuracy of dispensing equipment is an issue that businesses have been tackling for years.

Accuracy Versus Efficiency

Accurate and efficient dispensing solutions have always been a challenge for the industry. The reason behind the importance of these two attributes stems in the amount of output businesses could get from their setup. Simply put, the more products that a business could get out of their production line, the better were their returns on their investment in it.

That is not to say that businesses could blindly churn out products as goods had to meet a certain quality standard that had been promised to consumers. The need for accuracy capped the efficiency of production and thus limited what businesses could get in return.

Limitations to Smaller Operations

After all, these two attributes lie on diametrically opposing ends. The common solution then was to invest in technology in order to synergise these attributes. However, the cost was often prohibitive for smaller businesses that are unable to afford the industry’s standard solutions.

Another issue that emerged was that these solutions often came in the form of bulky machines capable of dispensing at a high rate. While useful for large companies with huge orders, smaller operations never had sufficient demand to warrant the investment in a high capital solution like those on the market.

Catering to Smaller Operations

In order to reach out to smaller operations, niche technologies such as powder dispensing equipmenthave been invented. These machines do not quite perform bulk operations, instead commonly only filling a micro tube or container one at a time. Nonetheless, the speed and accuracy in which they perform this job makes them perfect for smaller businesses.

Equally important is the simplicity of their operation. Whereas larger machines would have required a full fledge training session in order for employees to be begin to understand its operation, these smaller machines can be operated with minimal guidance.

The Value Add

For most small to medium size science companies, the employees under them are ultra-skilled in their field, with a focus on maximising their talents. Niche technologies that cater to small businesses are extremely valuable in this area. Since these companies are unlikely to hire excess headcount, talents would have to manage the equipment themselves.

By taking away tedious processes such as correctly measuring the amount of powder to be dispersed into each micro tube, these machines helped to free talents to do their real work of observation, conjuring plausible theories, testing and analysing. In turn, an overall spike in productivity is experienced by the business.