How to make a successful content marketing campaign

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Content marketing is a branch of SEO, it is a group of tactics and strategies that leads to connect your audience into a piece of story or post that entertains and educates them , all of this while focusing on the final ending goal that you made the campaign for it.

The most two important questions you need to answer to make sure your marketing plan is ready are “ what is my goal from this content marketing campaign ?” and “what are the audience goals ?” and after answering them your campaign will be 70% ready.
My Campaign Goals

That is the first basic question , in fact you can’t begin your Campaign aimless and don’t have any vision , you need to know exactly what is your target , is it to increase your followers and subscribers, or to get more Engaged clients on your site , or even make people subscribe to your weekly newsletter , or you just want to get higher SEO rankings by an SEO company to appear more on SERPs , you need to figure out what you want and focus on it , to start having an upcoming successful content marketing campaign.
Audience Goals

The Second question and it is the harder one , not very much but it involves your audience inner thoughts , you need to know which content can attract them , which one will benefit from it , and you need to know too the type of your audience and their ages to know exactly what type of content they follow most of the time , entertainment content or educational one , also the most important thing is knowing their likes and dislikes , their top searching keywords and what the most used social media from everyone.

You need to know all of the available and Hard-to-find information about your audience, to make sure you can reach them in more than one way, to make sure that your campaign is moving forward and in the right direction.
Suitable type of Content

After knowing the answer of these two essential questions, we need to apply our work on reality , so we need to really know what kind of content the people prefer according to the “Goals” that was mentioned before , from these types :

Pictures & photos :

It works best with short content to describe something without being written , and that makes reading very fast and easy and most of the time this type of content used for young people and entertainment blogs

Briefly Written content:

Short content is most of the time better than long one , as you can describe a big thing with only three word as Car and mobile advertising phrases.

Short Motion Graphic videos :

This type is a new one and the most effective content now in this decade , making short informative videos now is more popular than before and really adored by the audience and they prefer videos of that type and most sites that has 5 seconds videos like this have the most traffic nowadays and many other countless types , but these are the popular ones.
Triggered you campaign

Now you are 95% ready to do a simple content marketing campaign, you have known the basics and the rest of the 5% is just SEO rules and tactics that need some practise to be good at it, and remember you need to workout your brain and everything will be easy.


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