Logitech Video Conferencing Kenya


Logitech Kenya offers a series of lines that are excellent on conferencing and other communication types through videos. When it comes to collaborating works by using communication platforms for businesses such as Lync, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber, and Skype, Logitech will deliver the best solution out of it.

Logitech Group Kenya has prepared video conferencing solutions equipped with HD cameras, built-in speakers, and excellent video output that will make a conference room out of any room. All it takes is plug-and-play since each item comes with a USB port. Everyone deserves the best quality of video conferencing and Logitech in Kenya will give that to you.

Logitech Kenya Products

Logitech MEET UP

Logitech MEET UP is the first conference camera that existed in the commercial market. Using this camera allows you to stay in a small room without looking awkward. The cam comes with a super wide-angle lens up to 120 degrees. Also, it comes with an optimized audio setting that makes an excellent room acoustic.

Logitech PTZ PRO 2

When it comes to a life-like video, you need to check Logitech PTZ PRO 2. This product is designed to give the best conferencing experience. It feels like you talk to another person in the same room even though you are a hundred miles away. The cam comes with exceptional visual accuracy, keen photo resolution, and nearly perfect color replication. Also, it is offered with a lower price tag.


This product is specifically designed for those who incorporate Skype Room System for teleconferencing. Through one touch, you can run a meeting from a distance. You don’t need to be an expert IT to get an excellent conference video quality by using Logitech SMART DOCK. This product is available at Logitech Kenya.

Logitech GROUP

Meanwhile, teleconferencing with many people up to 20 people at once, you need to check the Logitech GROUP. It delivers crystal clear audio quality and HD video output. It comes with acoustic reflection cancellation, instinctive controls, and sound depletion technology for easy control to make everyone connect. Feel free to call Logitech Group Kenya to get the best conference solution.